How It Works

How does Green Miners work for you?

Everyone can start mining without the need for deep technical knowledge about cryptocurrency mining. It is tailored for ease of use and features a very simple interface.

Investors select the plan while miners running the Green Miners Miner software fulfil that order by mining (hashing) - providing computing power to the network and get paid in USDT.

The Interest Earning

Investors in the interest earning category invests directly in the greenminers platform making them a soft shareholder.

For investors, nearly everything in the greenminers platform is Engineered to have a self sustainability impact, interest investors seeks to be part of the business as such benefit directly from the daily yield of the company, with the accumulation of the entire system profit storing directly into the core rig. Interest investors have the advantage of drawing directly from a cumulative profitability of the entire system, this includes the astute leadership of the business which have translated to continued profit. The interest earners have a more defined yet predetermined earning ceilings, however this is more of a guaranteed security.

The company having recorded 70% profit for a straight two business quater, the interest earner at 0.5 to 1.0 interest rate daily is a safe interest floor, reasonable for investors and readily sustainable for us.

The Mining Rig Rental

Greenminers has made mining easier that the end result is more certain and accurate.0 The greenminers work by using binary hashing to join a pool of successful mining processes by targeting successful end result and emulating the sequence thereby only allocating mining resources to positive end results, this leads to higher mining success thereby ensuring an interest rate of between 4.97% to 55.2% depending on the sophistication of the hardware category of investment, higher computer features translates to effective mining tracking strength thereby improving persistence and mining goal actualisation.

The Intelligent Robot

Like we hinted earlier, our system is all encompassing, the deployment of the intelligent robot emerged just like the crypto concept itself, machine learning has made computers more intelligent and sometimes even more accurate than people, our intelligence robot is a slight deviation from the mining and the interest option, with the robots, you are not directly investing in the company as is the case with the interest earning category, you are not also necessarily mining however investors in this category are thrown in the real crypto market segment where our collections of robots executes the trades with assured accuracy.

The crypto market is quite volatile as such it requires an extra dexterity to succeed, our trading robots works by using signals of past, present and future trends to make computer calculations able to simulate market trends and make business decisions leveraging different proven effective robots systems with a combined accuracy of over 97%.

The greenminers platform's robotic feature is a network of different intelligence system with specialised strength, investors can chose to make investments in any of the tested system within our collections, though our extended decisions works with a combination results of our entire robot networks. The investors would have to choose which particular robot that makes the final business decision. In summary our robot feature has not just inculcated machine learning, it has also engineered idea sharing among the independent robots thereby exposing each robots to strength of others while ignoring weaknesses.

Note that the more effective robots are the ones which learns faster from other robots in the network and inculcate their strengths while ignoring their weaknesses, knowing this may help you make the right investment decisions as to which particular robot to trust your investment with, however be rest assured that all the robots in our system is in an internal loop of shared learning, so everyone of them is effective and works towards same objective of improving trade efficiency.

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